When to Use Promotional Products

When to Use Promotional Products

Are you looking for a way to show off your new product line or announce your new company? Promotional products are a great way, at an affordable cost! Over 18 billion dollars are spent each year on various promotional products, at that number grows year by year. People recognize brands and love receiving promotional products, especially when they are everyday items. Promotional products offer a big bang for your buck in that they create a loyal fan-base. Below are some great ways to use promotional items to expose your brand and products to almost anyone.


Holidays: giving a corporate gift to your best clients or team members? Add your logo to almost anything to help enforce your brand

Vendor Acknowledgement: Want to show your vendors how much you appreciate them? Give them custom products that fit with your brand voice as well as their need.

Trade Shows: Meeting lots of new and prospective clients? Remind them of your brand and who you are with a small gift they can take home and remember, well after the trade show ends

Employee Engagement/Recognition: Help promote employee engagement and recognition with branded products like water bottles, bags and more!

New Product Launch: Help get the word out about new products with branded promotional products. T-shirts, pens, notebooks and more help spread the word fast.

Website: want to showcase your website? Hand out promotional products that feature the web address to draw people to more information that showcases your business and brand.

Customer Appreciation: Show your clients how much you appreciate them with branded goodie bags, electronics, health and wellness products and many other options


Promotional products are low-cost, effective marketing tools to let the general public know about your brand and services. Even something as small as a pen or pencil can circulate into the hands of many! Promotional products are said to create instant brand recognition, great brand exposure and fantastic customer loyalty. Did you know that almost 90% of consumers can recognize a brand even two years after receiving a promotional product?

Have a product in mind that you would like to use? Have no idea where to start? We can help! Contact us for a no-obligation estimate. Our promotional product experts can walk you through various products, suggest some go-to items and help find the best products for your budget.




Marketing Materials to Attract Customers

Marketing Materials to Attract Customers

Wondering what marketing materials are useful in attracting customers to your brand or services? Check out our list below with helpful and proven pieces that attract new and existing customers to your brand.

  1. Posters: Get the word out about products, events and other business pursuits with posters.
  2. Postcards: Send out postcards to the neighborhood and current customers to let them know about special deals, new products and other services you offer.
  3. Brochures: A well put together brochure outlining all your services and offers help further promote your business and are a great resource for cross selling.
  4. Promotional products: Did you know that most people keep promotional products for over a year, sometimes over two? And if they don’t keep it, they pass it on to others? Useful promotional products help promote your brand, well after the meeting or transaction has occurred.
  5. Wall graphics: Help get the word out about your business with wall graphics. They are able to be applied on almost any surface, both indoor and outdoor!
  6. Window clings: Place clings on your car, home, business or almost any window you can find!
  7. Floor graphics: Floor graphics help direct people through an experience, help to promote your services, and can be applied on almost any surface.
  8. Catalogs: Have lots to offer that you want to showcase to your clients? Catalogs pack a big punch and offer all your products at your clients’ fingertips.
  9. Notepads: Need to jot down ideas? A great and budget friendly option to leave with clients to brainstorm and write down notes.
  10. Labels/Decals: Labels on branded products are fantastic and can also act as reminders to get a repeat service done. Often used as a reminder, labels can help remind people of your awesome service as well as when they need to reorder or get a service redone.
  11. Vehicle graphics: Want to promote your brand to as many people as possible with very little investment? Vehicle graphics are the way to go!
  12. Stickers: Stickers can be handed out as promotions, to seal invitations and envelopes, and much more!
  13. Banners: Banners are great to promote your business to the masses, especially when shown in a major thoroughfare or high traffic area.
  14. Magnets: Stay top of mind for customers by creating fridge, locker or car magnets!
  15. Coasters: Remind people of some of your services while they are sipping their favorite beverage! Its always good to be playful and fun while promoting your brand with coasters.
  16. Envelopes: Envelopes are seen not only by the intended recipient, but also everyone that handles the mail!
  17. Folders: Folders help keep your brand information clean, neat and tidy, while also giving a polished look to any presentation.
  18. Cards: Thank you cards, invitation cards, recipe cards… you can promote your services in several ways to get your ideas heard.
  19. Coupon/punch cards: Create loyal guests and clients with coupon cards or punch cards. It helps build up brand awareness, and also offers your loyal guests a nice treat!
  20. Apparel: Staff apparel not only creates a streamlined and more tailored look, but also helps to promote your services.
  21. Calendars: Want to have your customers focus for 365 days a year? What better way to do it that with a yearly calendar?! Promote various products and services all year long and help your audience stay organized and on track.
  22. Bumper stickers: Let others help promote your business! Provide bumper stickers for your staff and clients alike to help promote your business all around town!
  23. Newsletters: Sent directly to your customers and also available at your locations, newsletters are a great tool to educate and market to your select customers with deals, information and other necessary information about your products and company.
  24. Business cards: What better way to promote and attract customers, while also giving away vital information as how to contact you for the best deals at any time.
  25. Letterhead: Writing sales proposals and letters on company letterhead are a great way to drive home your commitment to your brand and show a professional look to your customers and potential clients.
  26. BONUS! Food: who doesn’t look a good logo’d cookie! Put your logo on a cookie, lollipop, mints and more!


Did you know that Cascade Print Media can assist with everything on this list, and more? We are the leading print provider in the Pacific Northwest for over 55 years. We would love to partner with you to make your brand shine!



What Is Bleed In Print?

What Is Bleed In Print?

Working on a print project and confused by some terms. We’re here to help!

No printer or machine is capable of printing all the way to the edge of the paper line. This means that project must be printed on larger sheets and cut down to final desired size. That’s where bleed comes in.

Bleed is print that goes beyond the edge of the page where the sheet will be trimmed.



Standard bleed size is 1/8” or 0.125” on all sides of your project. This means that you are ordering a standard sized 8.5 x 11” poster, your submitted art should be 8.75 x 11.25”.

This allows for a more professional looking product and ensures that things are not cut off at improper places with your project. This ensures that the image will truly go all the way to the edge of the printed project and leave no white margin.

Most printers should be able to add bleed to your work, if needed, but if possible, try to add it yourself so the project comes out just like you want. A good printer should submit a proof to you for your approval prior to going to print so you can check bleed and other information is correct. Check out our post on how to choose a good printer if you have more questions.


Have more questions about lingo or special projects – let us help! We are your partners in print.

Essential Print Items for Any Business

Essential Print Items for Any Business

Are you starting a new business, new product, or want to spice up an existing business? We have some essential print items that will help promote your business at very little cost.

Business Cards: Business Cards are essential in any business meeting. It is small, but mighty! The small piece of paper helps to pass along vital information that allows clients and future customers know how to contact you and your teams. Before anything else, business cards should be your first piece of marketing material


Brochures/Catalogs: While you do not need to have a full catalog of capabilities with you at the first meeting, you should have something to leave behind. it is always good to have a concise piece of literature to leave with the client outlining your company’s capabilities and how they can benefit from your company’s abilities.


Presentation Folders: To transport contracts and other important documents, presentation folders help keep everything neat and clean. Presentation folders help enhance your brand as well as helps organize all necessary paperwork.


Pens/Writing Utensils: help drive home your brand with writing utensils. These can be left behind with clients long after the meeting, helping promote to numerous people. You never know who will end up with your writing utensils, so try to include your company name and contact information.


Vehicle Wraps/Magnets: Not only will people see your company vehicle in the parking lot of your clients you are meeting with, but to and from meetings as well! Vehicle wraps and magnets are a great source of advertising, seeing the most impressions than any other form of advertising.


Banners/Signage: Need help to promote your company? Large signage and posters help get the word out about your new business or products.


Apparel/Uniforms: ensure the company standards are consistent with all team members. Company branded apparel helps further promote your brand, and also ensures that all team members look professional.


Promotional Products: Make sure to leave customers and potential clients with a “goody” after your first meeting. It can be as something as small as a magnet or pen, to something larger like portable speakers or coffee mugs,


Bonus Item:

Direct Mail Campaigns: Want to let people know you are new to the area? Have a new product line you want to promote? Get the word out with direct mail campaigns! Use your existing list or find a new one based off who you want to promote to.



Sales Meeting Essentials

Sales Meeting Essentials

Need insight into sales meeting essentials? Your business will shine with beautifully printed products that showcase your company and products. Some of the first interactions you have with potential clients are through sales meetings. Make sure you have the essentials to show off your business and brand, right from the start.

Check out our quick infographic on sales essentials and how to make any meeting successful!

Cascade Print Media's Sales Meeting Checklist