Your Team

Your team of print experts at Cascade Print Media is ready to take care of you. From your initial inquiry to your delivery or installation, we’re dedicated to making sure you are more than satisfied. Whatever you need, we are always ready to make it happen with a “Yeah! We can do that” attitude.

Cascade Print Media is a team I have trusted for years with my print applications. They have come through for me in rush scenarios, weekends and holidays. From ownership to each individual within the organization the team at Cascade has a dedication to service and quality I know I can count on and I look forward to working with them for years to come.
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Your Press Floor Team

Below, you will meet the people on our team you are most likely to talk with at Cascade Print Media, but there is another team that is just as vital to your project and just as attentive to meeting your needs: your press floor team. Our press operators have been with us for years, some for decades. They care so much about making your project perfect that they have been known to fix typos before they put a job on the press. Plus, they run internal press checks so your colors match from the first piece through the last.

Now meet the rest of our team, the folks who take care of you before, after, and while your project is on the presses:


Senior Project Manager

I’m on the frontline at Cascade Print Media – taking calls, receiving orders, assisting with our company store online ordering system, team management, production organization as well as problem solving. Making sure you get your projects on time and produced at our highest quality is my focus. My experience working in many aspects of the print business (production, department leader, shipping, and customer support) enables me to better understand and meet our client’s needs and goals.


I have been working in the print industry since 2006 and with Cascade Print Media team since 2015. One thing I learned early on in the print industry – sometimes things go awry. Cascade Print Media is unique because if there is an issue, we promptly contact our client to figure out the best solution to meet their needs. Our motto is “Yeah, we can do that”, because we can, and we will!


Lead Estimator and Purchaser

As the lead estimator and purchaser, I help our team deliver high caliber and reliable end-products. For each project, I source the best possible materials at the best price.


I joined the Cascade Print Media team shipping department in 2004, moved into our bindery, then was promoted to estimating and purchasing. My longevity with Cascade Print Media speaks to the company culture and how we value and develop each of our team members.



Tony is the newest addition to Cascade Print Media.  He brings with him 20 years of business experience focused on growing lasting, valuable relationships and being a reliable resource for organizations small and large.  He prides himself on being responsive, available and creative; ready to tackle the next project right alongside you.  Think of him like an extension of your team- prepared, willing and able to to help your business grow and thrive.  Like the rest of the Cascade team – his favorite words are ‘Yes, we can do that!”. 



From A to Z, I handle the company accounting.


We are encouraged to follow our company motto of “Yeah! We can do that.” When a client needs help, we come together to help them achieve their goals and deliver a final product to them that meets or exceeds their expectations.  We have a united approach in problem solving for our customers; I believe that’s what makes us one of the best printing and promotional products companies in the Puget Sound. Every employee at Cascade Print Media is committed to quality and stands behind their work.


When I came to work for Cascade Print Media, it quickly felt like family and still does. The environment is very comfortable, the owners care about the employees, and the employees care about each other and our customers. Even if I have a tough day, as everyone does, I am grateful because not everyone is afforded the opportunity to work at a company where you enjoy your work and the people that you work with.



We have a dedicated, cohesive team with over 150 years of combined experience in the print industry. Putting that expertise, our systems, and processes to work for our clients and knowing we will get the done job right every time, inspires me when talking with clients about their projects and what we can create for them.


Many of our client’s projects are unique and exciting, allowing us to be creative and explore different possibilities. Every day I learn something new. Coming from corporate hospitality, I love the small, family-feel of Cascade Print Media.



What we print for you reflects on you. We make sure you look great. If you want to create something a little different and eye-catching, call me to strategize. We enjoy doing unique projects and our clients often rave about the results. If you are looking for a printer that is loyal to you and has your back – you found us.


Our team excels in doing quality work and is extremely dedicated. When there is a hiccup they go above and beyond normal expectations to ensure your project is completed and delivered on time. I am proud of our team’s can-do attitude, knowledge, and expertise. Every day, they work with the mindset of “Yeah! We can do that”. It’s an honor to be a part of. We are serious about professionalism and serious about our quality of life.


If you are not doing business with Cascade Print Media, you should ask yourself “Why not?!” Try us, you’ll be glad you did!

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