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Want little to no side by side competition on marketing efforts? Floor graphics are your answer! Floor graphics help to enhance the customer experience and almost immediately draw the customers eye to your products or information you want to portray.

We suggest putting them in high foot traffic areas such as along normal pathways or near check out stands.

Directions: Floor graphics are a great way to “lead” the customer around your store or to a certain part of your store that you want to make sure everyone sees. Graphics and shapes could also change as you get closer to a certain area, or different part of the store to coincide with products. This helps to walk your customers through the process or store as you would like them to understand it, better controlling the experience.

Cost Efficient: the cost of floor graphics are relatively low, and are usually longer lasting, making them a win-win. They can go almost anywhere (sidewalks, warehouse, laminate, carpet, etc.) and they make an impression long after the guests have seen your graphics as well.

Flexible: You can have custom floor graphics made specific to your needs, budget, and overall goal. Need standard signs telling customers where to go? Need unique shapes and sizes to help your marketing efforts? It is a great way to advertise while also saving space! The possibilities are endless!


Contact us today and we will help answer any of your questions. Available for install and removals, we are truly a full service print and promotion company.


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