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At Cascade Print Media, we love the environment! That’s why we run an eco-friendly print shop and have high standards when it comes to protecting the environment. We product eco-friendly print products that are both beautiful and help you protect the environment.

  • Safe Inks. All inks are eco-friendly, vegetable or soy-based inks. Excess ink is recycled.
  • Certified Sustainable Paper. Your paper and cardboard products are printed on SFI or FSI certified paper. The Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) are independent non-profits that certify sustainably harvested forests.
  • Paper is a renewable resource. The North American paper industry plants 1.7 million more trees per day than it cuts.
  • Reusable Press rags.  Press rags are cleaned and reused over and over. When they reach the end of their useful life, we recycle them.
  • Recycled Packing Materials.  The packing material for your project is made from 100% recycled paper. We reuse most and recycle the rest.
  • Reduced/Limited Packaging Material is used to get your job to you safe and sound with as little potentially wasted material as possible.
  • Pallets are reused over and over by us and our distributors.
  • Scrap Paper Waste Reduction. Each job is designed to create as little waste as possible. All paper waste is recycled for new paper production.
  • Press plates all recycled after each use, every time.
  • Efficient delivery routes.  All delivery routes are pre-planned to reduce gas emissions and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Continual improvement. We regularly review our processes for new ways of reducing waste, recycling, supply sourcing, and ink usage to minimize our footprint.
  • Community/charity service. We donate printing services to auctions, charities, schools, hospitals, religious organizations and many more organizations to support our local communities.

Printed materials are effective and a vital part of serving and communicating with customers.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Forms
  • Labels and Stickers
  • Magazines and Newsletters
  • Manuals
  • Menus
  • Packaging
  • Sales Materials
  • and more

Now, you can rest easy knowing that your printed materials are eco-friendly.

Contact us today to about your next project – to ensure it is both beautiful and environmentally friendly.



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