Car Magnets to Promote Your Brand

Car Magnets to Promote Your Brand

Did you know that over 16,000 cars see your car on average, per day? Imagine if you had vehicle graphics or car magnets on your car to promote your business. That is over 16,000 pairs of eyes seeing your business, all by just driving to work, or grabbing a cup of coffee. Talk about a great investment! Not everyone is always ready to make the leap to full car graphics. While car graphics help protect your car for the most part, they can be an investment and not meant to be removed for a few years. If you want a way to promote your business or product on the road only at certain times, or change your offer seasonally, car magnets are the way to go!

3 reasons to switch to car magnets today:

They are transferable:

If you are constantly switching cars or have only certain hours or locations you want to advertise, car magnets are perfect. You can remove them as needed depending on the commute or hours that you are driving. This is great for a small family business where different cars are used at different times. You often see these used by real estate agents or individual house keepers who use their car for both personal and professional uses.

They last for a long time:

Car magnets usually last for a few years, if not longer. Similar to full or partial vehicle graphics, car magnets usually last a few years. This means that if you have information that rarely changes, such as email, phone number and other contact information, car magnets are a great solution! You can use them time and time again, without having to worry about wear and tear or replacing them after just a few uses.

They are interchangeable:

Do you have a seasonal special you like to promote or certain items you like to bring awareness to depending on weather or time of year? Car magnets are a great way to do this! They allow for you to change out your offerings with a quick change of the magnet! This is also a great way to attract employees and increase overall brand recognition.


Car magnets are a low cost way to promote your brand, special offers, and overall brand visibility. With the number of drivers on the road today, it is easier than ever before to get the word out about your brand and product offerings. Contact us today, we would love to help!

How We Can Help You Go Green

How We Can Help You Go Green

Looking for ways to go green, while still getting your message out there? We can help! From direct mail campaigns to environmentally friendly paper and inks, we are here to help every step of the way. Check out some tips below on just a few of the ways we can help you go green!

Mail invitations directly from us:

Did you know we can help with direct mailing? All we need is you list (or we can provide for you) and you’re all set! How does this help go green? One less delivery for us, one less thing on your to do list. Let us take the burden off you of having to go to the post office to mail everything out, ‘cause we are already going there. Plus, we may be able to help save you money on bulk postage rates!


Electronic proofs:

Electronic proofs are standard with all our jobs. We are happy to provide a hard copy proof, but delivery and mailing put stress on the environment with every step of the way. You will be able to see and fix any glaring mistakes, all from the comfort of your office or home. While the colors will not match exactly (colors on screen are different than on paper), they are similar enough that you will be able to spot any big mistakes.


Eco-Friendly Inks & Paper

Paper Facts: Paper is biodegradable and unlike water bottles, cell phones, computers and other electronic devices, it decomposes in a landfill.

Paper is made from cellulose fiber – that can come from pulped wood, rags, cotton, grasses, sugar cane, rice and waste paper. An estimated 4 million trees are planted daily and due to reforestation, forests in the U.S. have actually grown over the past century.

Paper is recyclable – 37% of the U.S. pulp is produced from recovered paper. Most recovered paper is used to make new copy and writing paper, as well as corrugated boxes, fruit cartons, egg cartons and wall insulation.

Ink – we use soy based inks that are compatible with the environment. This means less harsh chemicals in the environment and on your printed materials.


Economy Growth:

The forest products industry accounts for about 6% of the total us manufacturing output and employs more than one million people. It ranks among the top 10 manufacturing employers in 42 states. There are almost 175,000 establishments in this segment that employ over 2.9 million people. For comparison, the auto manufacturing industry only employs about 1.2 million



Did you know that reading something on paper is 20-30% faster than reading something on a screen? Reading from paper results in deeper understanding of text and most end users prefer it. People are more likely to visit your store and buy something from a direct mail campaign then a simple email. If they can see it, touch it and read it, you have a bigger ROI than a simple email, which according to a survey, 80% of receivers automatically delete before ever opening the email.


Looking for more facts and ways to reach more customers? Check out some of our tips and tricks here and here.





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Direct Mail – The Best Way to Reach Customers

Direct Mail – The Best Way to Reach Customers

2020 has been one for the books, and it isn’t even over yet! Who would have thought that a couple weeks of quarantine, would turn into months of quarantine, work from home, and distance learning for our children? Summer came and went in a flash and much of our regular routines have been stripped away. With the ever-growing use of technology, from zoom to Netflix, digital ads are no longer getting the attention of your customers and clients. How to solve this? Direct Mail! Below are some great tips on how to use direct mail and its benefits


Target: digital marketing often does not go the desired targets, but rather a more general audience. Direct mail can get be nailed down to hit your target specifically to make sure you are getting more bang for your buck. Want to hit only a certain demographic within a certain neighborhood? We can help! Want to only send to certain age groups or employment types? We can help!

Track: did you know that we can monitor who receives direct mail and who is responding or using it? Depending on how your direct mail media is built, we can help track users and responders. This is a fantastic way to measure your return on investment!

Mix: It has been shown that adding direct mail into your marketing mix increases your chances of your target audience remembering your brand and taking action. Direct mail mixed with digital helps to increase brand awareness.


Looking to increase your marketing ROI and attract more customers? Direct mail is the way to go. Contract us today, we’d love to help!


Education Marketing Essentials

Education Marketing Essentials

Education marketing is critical, now more than ever, to get attention and focus on your brand or product. Did you know that most people absorb more information when reading it on paper than on a screen? What better way to get your point across about your brand than through print? Below are some education marketing essentials to help spread the word and educate the audience about your products and services. It’s a win-win!

Booklets: Need to showcase a lot of material to your students, alumni or prospective students? Creating a booklet of classes, updates, pictures and other informational content is a great way to pack a punch in a small and budget friendly way.

Direct Mail: Sending direct mail is a great way to reach current and potential customers near and far. You can showcase a new class, updated curriculum or new campus activities with a quick postcard or a more in-depth information packet.

Brochures: Showcase your school or tutoring company with a brochure! Give detailed information about classes, location, curriculum and more for students.

Magnets: Similar to business cards, magnets are a great way to convey vital information in a small package. It helps keep information top of mind, while also being useful to the end user.

Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to get out updates about campus projects, new classes and upcoming events to a lot of people. They can be sent to alumni, current students and prospective students to keep them in the know and encourage them to participate in community events.

Postcards: Need to send a quick update, important facts, or a friendly reminder? Postcards are great to help students and parents understand important information, and something they can easily keep on their fridge without a lot of clutter!

Stickers/Labels: Sticker and labels seem to make their way to almost any surface. Road signs, cross walk poles, car bumpers and more. Get your school or business name out there – who knows where it will end up!

Bookmarks: Bookmarks are a great way for students to place where they left off, and helps keep your class or company top of mind.

Banners: What better way to congratulate or celebrate a big win than with banners! Have a big hiring fair? Want to celebrate a big game or event coming up? Banners are a great way to get the word out and let people know.

Apparel: Have you ever walked down the street and seen someone wearing a sweatshirt with an educational organization’s name on it? Spread school spirit through your current students and customers. It’s the best form of referral marketing there is!

Promotional Products: Did you know that almost 90% of people remember a promotional item given to them, even after two years has passed? Something as small as a pen or notebook can make a huge impact on your audience.


We would love to help you showcase your school or educational organization with its best foot forward. We have been in business for over 55 years and are the leading print provider in the Pacific Northwest. We would be happy to help offer some suggestions and help you create the perfect medium to convey your brand!



Marketing Materials to Attract Customers

Marketing Materials to Attract Customers

Wondering what marketing materials are useful in attracting customers to your brand or services? Check out our list below with helpful and proven pieces that attract new and existing customers to your brand.

  1. Posters: Get the word out about products, events and other business pursuits with posters.
  2. Postcards: Send out postcards to the neighborhood and current customers to let them know about special deals, new products and other services you offer.
  3. Brochures: A well put together brochure outlining all your services and offers help further promote your business and are a great resource for cross selling.
  4. Promotional products: Did you know that most people keep promotional products for over a year, sometimes over two? And if they don’t keep it, they pass it on to others? Useful promotional products help promote your brand, well after the meeting or transaction has occurred.
  5. Wall graphics: Help get the word out about your business with wall graphics. They are able to be applied on almost any surface, both indoor and outdoor!
  6. Window clings: Place clings on your car, home, business or almost any window you can find!
  7. Floor graphics: Floor graphics help direct people through an experience, help to promote your services, and can be applied on almost any surface.
  8. Catalogs: Have lots to offer that you want to showcase to your clients? Catalogs pack a big punch and offer all your products at your clients’ fingertips.
  9. Notepads: Need to jot down ideas? A great and budget friendly option to leave with clients to brainstorm and write down notes.
  10. Labels/Decals: Labels on branded products are fantastic and can also act as reminders to get a repeat service done. Often used as a reminder, labels can help remind people of your awesome service as well as when they need to reorder or get a service redone.
  11. Vehicle graphics: Want to promote your brand to as many people as possible with very little investment? Vehicle graphics are the way to go!
  12. Stickers: Stickers can be handed out as promotions, to seal invitations and envelopes, and much more!
  13. Banners: Banners are great to promote your business to the masses, especially when shown in a major thoroughfare or high traffic area.
  14. Magnets: Stay top of mind for customers by creating fridge, locker or car magnets!
  15. Coasters: Remind people of some of your services while they are sipping their favorite beverage! Its always good to be playful and fun while promoting your brand with coasters.
  16. Envelopes: Envelopes are seen not only by the intended recipient, but also everyone that handles the mail!
  17. Folders: Folders help keep your brand information clean, neat and tidy, while also giving a polished look to any presentation.
  18. Cards: Thank you cards, invitation cards, recipe cards… you can promote your services in several ways to get your ideas heard.
  19. Coupon/punch cards: Create loyal guests and clients with coupon cards or punch cards. It helps build up brand awareness, and also offers your loyal guests a nice treat!
  20. Apparel: Staff apparel not only creates a streamlined and more tailored look, but also helps to promote your services.
  21. Calendars: Want to have your customers focus for 365 days a year? What better way to do it that with a yearly calendar?! Promote various products and services all year long and help your audience stay organized and on track.
  22. Bumper stickers: Let others help promote your business! Provide bumper stickers for your staff and clients alike to help promote your business all around town!
  23. Newsletters: Sent directly to your customers and also available at your locations, newsletters are a great tool to educate and market to your select customers with deals, information and other necessary information about your products and company.
  24. Business cards: What better way to promote and attract customers, while also giving away vital information as how to contact you for the best deals at any time.
  25. Letterhead: Writing sales proposals and letters on company letterhead are a great way to drive home your commitment to your brand and show a professional look to your customers and potential clients.
  26. BONUS! Food: who doesn’t look a good logo’d cookie! Put your logo on a cookie, lollipop, mints and more!


Did you know that Cascade Print Media can assist with everything on this list, and more? We are the leading print provider in the Pacific Northwest for over 55 years. We would love to partner with you to make your brand shine!



Essential Print Items for Any Business

Essential Print Items for Any Business

Are you starting a new business, new product, or want to spice up an existing business? We have some essential print items that will help promote your business at very little cost.

Business Cards: Business Cards are essential in any business meeting. It is small, but mighty! The small piece of paper helps to pass along vital information that allows clients and future customers know how to contact you and your teams. Before anything else, business cards should be your first piece of marketing material


Brochures/Catalogs: While you do not need to have a full catalog of capabilities with you at the first meeting, you should have something to leave behind. it is always good to have a concise piece of literature to leave with the client outlining your company’s capabilities and how they can benefit from your company’s abilities.


Presentation Folders: To transport contracts and other important documents, presentation folders help keep everything neat and clean. Presentation folders help enhance your brand as well as helps organize all necessary paperwork.


Pens/Writing Utensils: help drive home your brand with writing utensils. These can be left behind with clients long after the meeting, helping promote to numerous people. You never know who will end up with your writing utensils, so try to include your company name and contact information.


Vehicle Wraps/Magnets: Not only will people see your company vehicle in the parking lot of your clients you are meeting with, but to and from meetings as well! Vehicle wraps and magnets are a great source of advertising, seeing the most impressions than any other form of advertising.


Banners/Signage: Need help to promote your company? Large signage and posters help get the word out about your new business or products.


Apparel/Uniforms: ensure the company standards are consistent with all team members. Company branded apparel helps further promote your brand, and also ensures that all team members look professional.


Promotional Products: Make sure to leave customers and potential clients with a “goody” after your first meeting. It can be as something as small as a magnet or pen, to something larger like portable speakers or coffee mugs,


Bonus Item:

Direct Mail Campaigns: Want to let people know you are new to the area? Have a new product line you want to promote? Get the word out with direct mail campaigns! Use your existing list or find a new one based off who you want to promote to.