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Are you looking for a way to show off your new product line or announce your new company? Promotional products are a great way, at an affordable cost! Over 18 billion dollars are spent each year on various promotional products, at that number grows year by year. People recognize brands and love receiving promotional products, especially when they are everyday items. Promotional products offer a big bang for your buck in that they create a loyal fan-base. Below are some great ways to use promotional items to expose your brand and products to almost anyone.


Holidays: giving a corporate gift to your best clients or team members? Add your logo to almost anything to help enforce your brand

Vendor Acknowledgement: Want to show your vendors how much you appreciate them? Give them custom products that fit with your brand voice as well as their need.

Trade Shows: Meeting lots of new and prospective clients? Remind them of your brand and who you are with a small gift they can take home and remember, well after the trade show ends

Employee Engagement/Recognition: Help promote employee engagement and recognition with branded products like water bottles, bags and more!

New Product Launch: Help get the word out about new products with branded promotional products. T-shirts, pens, notebooks and more help spread the word fast.

Website: want to showcase your website? Hand out promotional products that feature the web address to draw people to more information that showcases your business and brand.

Customer Appreciation: Show your clients how much you appreciate them with branded goodie bags, electronics, health and wellness products and many other options


Promotional products are low-cost, effective marketing tools to let the general public know about your brand and services. Even something as small as a pen or pencil can circulate into the hands of many! Promotional products are said to create instant brand recognition, great brand exposure and fantastic customer loyalty. Did you know that almost 90% of consumers can recognize a brand even two years after receiving a promotional product?

Have a product in mind that you would like to use? Have no idea where to start? We can help! Contact us for a no-obligation estimate. Our promotional product experts can walk you through various products, suggest some go-to items and help find the best products for your budget.




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