Direct Mail – The Best Way to Reach Customers

Direct Mail – The Best Way to Reach Customers

2020 has been one for the books, and it isn’t even over yet! Who would have thought that a couple weeks of quarantine, would turn into months of quarantine, work from home, and distance learning for our children? Summer came and went in a flash and much of our regular routines have been stripped away. With the ever-growing use of technology, from zoom to Netflix, digital ads are no longer getting the attention of your customers and clients. How to solve this? Direct Mail! Below are some great tips on how to use direct mail and its benefits


Target: digital marketing often does not go the desired targets, but rather a more general audience. Direct mail can get be nailed down to hit your target specifically to make sure you are getting more bang for your buck. Want to hit only a certain demographic within a certain neighborhood? We can help! Want to only send to certain age groups or employment types? We can help!

Track: did you know that we can monitor who receives direct mail and who is responding or using it? Depending on how your direct mail media is built, we can help track users and responders. This is a fantastic way to measure your return on investment!

Mix: It has been shown that adding direct mail into your marketing mix increases your chances of your target audience remembering your brand and taking action. Direct mail mixed with digital helps to increase brand awareness.


Looking to increase your marketing ROI and attract more customers? Direct mail is the way to go. Contract us today, we’d love to help!


Cascade Print Media voted one of Washington’s Best Companies to Work For

Cascade Print Media voted one of Washington’s Best Companies to Work For

We are so excited to be ranked as one of Washington’s Best Companies to Work For by Seattle Business Magazine. 2020 has thrown us a ton of curve-balls, but we are happy to adapt and change with the ever transforming needs of our customers.

How we do it? Our Employees! We look for the best people during the hiring process – those who are willing to go above and beyond, every day to get the job done. We look for people who are passionate about what the do, and are ready to dive into each and every project with the same enthusiasm as the last! We look for people who want to work hard, and have fun doing it! Thank to you our amazing employees, without you we would not be where we are today. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


COVID-19-Related Health and Wellness Promotional Products

COVID-19-Related Health and Wellness Promotional Products

After the spread of coronavirus and COVID-19 and weeks of stay-at-home mandates, people are eager for health and safety products to help them stay safe in public. 

Give these popular and useful items to your customers, employees, vendors, and more. Demand is high for these types of products and its expected that they will be popular for quite some time. People will appreciate your thoughtfulness and your brand will be seen repeatedly as the recipients use these products over and over. 

The items you select will be customized with your branding.

  • Custom face masks
  • Pocket-sized hand sanitizer bottles
  • Packets of hand sanitizer wipes
  • Clear, countertop barriers/shields (etched with your logo and messaging)
  • Bandanas
  • Vinyl floor stickers to mark where to stand
  • Vinyl floor stickers to mark one-way aisles
  • Window clings to announce special hours
  • Window clings to announce limited store occupancy
  • Canvas face masks
  • Stretchable polyester face masks
  • Face mask ear-savers
  • Plastic Face Shields (etched with your logo and messaging)
  • Fabric face shields
  • Hand Sanitizer stations
  • Kooty Key Anti-Germ Utility Tool
  • Forehead thermometer kits
  • and more

From face masks and sanitizers to floor graphics, we have quality products to fit your needs and budget. 

Contact us today to talk with a promotional products specialist. We will help you find the right types of health and wellness products.



When to Use Promotional Products

When to Use Promotional Products

Are you looking for a way to show off your new product line or announce your new company? Promotional products are a great way, at an affordable cost! Over 18 billion dollars are spent each year on various promotional products, at that number grows year by year. People recognize brands and love receiving promotional products, especially when they are everyday items. Promotional products offer a big bang for your buck in that they create a loyal fan-base. Below are some great ways to use promotional items to expose your brand and products to almost anyone.


Holidays: giving a corporate gift to your best clients or team members? Add your logo to almost anything to help enforce your brand

Vendor Acknowledgement: Want to show your vendors how much you appreciate them? Give them custom products that fit with your brand voice as well as their need.

Trade Shows: Meeting lots of new and prospective clients? Remind them of your brand and who you are with a small gift they can take home and remember, well after the trade show ends

Employee Engagement/Recognition: Help promote employee engagement and recognition with branded products like water bottles, bags and more!

New Product Launch: Help get the word out about new products with branded promotional products. T-shirts, pens, notebooks and more help spread the word fast.

Website: want to showcase your website? Hand out promotional products that feature the web address to draw people to more information that showcases your business and brand.

Customer Appreciation: Show your clients how much you appreciate them with branded goodie bags, electronics, health and wellness products and many other options


Promotional products are low-cost, effective marketing tools to let the general public know about your brand and services. Even something as small as a pen or pencil can circulate into the hands of many! Promotional products are said to create instant brand recognition, great brand exposure and fantastic customer loyalty. Did you know that almost 90% of consumers can recognize a brand even two years after receiving a promotional product?

Have a product in mind that you would like to use? Have no idea where to start? We can help! Contact us for a no-obligation estimate. Our promotional product experts can walk you through various products, suggest some go-to items and help find the best products for your budget.