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Are you starting a new business, new product, or want to spice up an existing business? We have some essential print items that will help promote your business at very little cost.

Business Cards: Business Cards are essential in any business meeting. It is small, but mighty! The small piece of paper helps to pass along vital information that allows clients and future customers know how to contact you and your teams. Before anything else, business cards should be your first piece of marketing material


Brochures/Catalogs: While you do not need to have a full catalog of capabilities with you at the first meeting, you should have something to leave behind. it is always good to have a concise piece of literature to leave with the client outlining your company’s capabilities and how they can benefit from your company’s abilities.


Presentation Folders: To transport contracts and other important documents, presentation folders help keep everything neat and clean. Presentation folders help enhance your brand as well as helps organize all necessary paperwork.


Pens/Writing Utensils: help drive home your brand with writing utensils. These can be left behind with clients long after the meeting, helping promote to numerous people. You never know who will end up with your writing utensils, so try to include your company name and contact information.


Vehicle Wraps/Magnets: Not only will people see your company vehicle in the parking lot of your clients you are meeting with, but to and from meetings as well! Vehicle wraps and magnets are a great source of advertising, seeing the most impressions than any other form of advertising.


Banners/Signage: Need help to promote your company? Large signage and posters help get the word out about your new business or products.


Apparel/Uniforms: ensure the company standards are consistent with all team members. Company branded apparel helps further promote your brand, and also ensures that all team members look professional.


Promotional Products: Make sure to leave customers and potential clients with a “goody” after your first meeting. It can be as something as small as a magnet or pen, to something larger like portable speakers or coffee mugs,


Bonus Item:

Direct Mail Campaigns: Want to let people know you are new to the area? Have a new product line you want to promote? Get the word out with direct mail campaigns! Use your existing list or find a new one based off who you want to promote to.



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